Unleash the power of nature with our exceptional firewood, produced from the finest beech and oak logs.

As your reliable heating source, our firewood is available in three standard lengths - 25cm, 33cm, and 50cm. However, we are prepared to tailor them to your needs and create them in other dimensions upon your request.

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Our carefully selected firewood is available in wooden crates of various dimensions, providing you with convenience and ease in storage and usage. Whether it's your stove, fireplace, or heater, our firewood will ensure a strong and efficient flame that will warm your home or business space.

For all your heating needs, choose Šakić d.o.o. and secure a top-notch source of warmth. Our expert team is at your disposal to help you find the perfect selection of firewood that will meet all your requirements. Contact us today and order your favorite firewood - natural, powerful, and quality-assured. Your fire deserves only the best, and we can provide it for you.

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